The Course in a Nutshell

Downloading the Free Crypto Investing Excel Sheet

The Crypto Investing Excel Sheet can be downloaded for free after you register for the course and it is built based on the most important aspects presented during the course. This powerful tool helps you analyze the long term power of a cryptocurrency based on the criteria presented in the course. Furthermore, it gives you at a press of a button real time top rank charts in order to notice all the important moves in the crypto market. The best part is that it offers real time information for top 100 cryptocurrencies based on fundamental so that you know which coin has the biggest chance to increase on short notice.

Learning dealing with fear and controlling your emotions

Fear is the biggest enemy for every current or future investor. During this course both Pre-investing as well as the Post-Investing Fear will be tackled. In this sense, you will learn how to deal with them. Also you will master the techniques of controlling your emotions when investing, because a successful crypto investor never Fears!

Learning the best investing tools needed to find the crypto gems

The crypto tools are the most important weapons each investor has when willing to win the financial freedom battle. This course offers you the best tools available for analyzing and investing in the most profitable cryptocurrencies on the market. In order to find the best coins out there, you need the right tools which are presented in this course

Learning Day Trading

Day Trading can be a good source of income for many investors who are willing to play the market and get the most out of the high volatility. If you are a risk taker and want to day trade then you can learn in the Crypto Investing Course everything what you need in order to start day trading like: Candlesticks, Chart Patterns, Support & Resistance and the Technical Indicators.

Learning value investing in Crypto

The Crypto Investing Course will teach you which cryptocurrencies you should focus on for long term profits. You will learn what are the criteria’s you should focus when analyzing a high potential Long-term Cryptocurrency.

Learning generating Passive Income with Crypto

Generating passive income is important especially for the long term investors. You can earn passive income too in the simplest way possible only by allowing your coins to work for you. No effort, high return in a safe and proven way. You will learn during the course the most efficient and safe ways of earning passive income with Crypto!


Here you can see the answers to the most burning questions

The course is intended for each knowledge levels, ranging from beginners to advanced investors. The information presented in the course covers both basic as well as high complexity and technical information

Not necessary! This course focuses on the most important aspects of cryptocurrencies. However, the basic theoretical aspects are not tackled during the course like what is a blockchain or cryptocurrency but on the more applied techniques like mindset and tools

Definitely not! This course is breaking the boundaries and focuses on all social categories and is gender, race and age friendly. Note that during the course humor is also used so please be free to enjoy the whole journey, investing should be pleasant for you.

No technical knowledge needed in this case. However, a basic knowledge of Excel is needed. It is of high importance to Enable Macros Content in your Excel otherwise the file will not work very smooth. For more information you can refer to this website: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/enable-or-disable-macros-in-office-files-12b036fd-d140-4e74-b45e-16fed1a7e5c6

Definitely! The course is intended to teach you on both value long term investing as well as day trading. The choice always rests at your end regarding your preferred investment strategies. 

Yes! This option will be available on very short notice directly on the website. Until then feel free to send an email via the Contact Form in order to offer a custom action plan.